7/24/15 US loses in Gold Cup Semis-3rd place game Sat 4 pm, MLS-Pirlo and Lampard to start for NYFC Sun 2 pm, Indy 11 host Cosmos Sat Night, TV games this Week

So I just wasn’t ready to write anything the day after the biggest USMNT Loss in 10+ years.  Juergen Klinsmann (we’ll call him –“The German”) pointed to the Gold Cup as the team’s most important competition this year and the USA went out and played crap for the past 2 weeks and found a way to lose in the semi-final round for the first time in 20+ years.  Listen I was ok with THE GERMAN trying out some of the younger players in the huge friendly games over the past few months and I was ok with bringing some of them to the Gold Cup.  I love Zardes, I think Yedlin is a super talented kid who can affect a game – although again The German is not using him at the right back spot where he will play in Europe this fall.  I was even ok with the team playing poorly in the first few group games.  But the German continues to show he has NO CLUE what defense is.  His insistence on shoehorning the pair of 22 year old center backs Alverada and Brooks together despite the fact they have played HORRIBLE together in EVERY game they have played was just idiotic and it ended up costing the US this game.  Listen I agree that GK Brad Guzan did not play his best game – he had actually saved this US team all tourney long – but it was Brooks who again did not cover the big forward and allowed him a free header to score the first goal.  The German’s refusal to actually bring and play our best defenders  Geoff Cameron on the Right, Gonzalez and Tim Ream in the middle, and on the left has cost him this Gold Cup Championship.

Now do I think Klinsmann should be fired? No – listen he gambled on the youth that he see’s taking center stage at Russia 2018 and they weren’t ready.  I am super frustrated that he continues to flip the lineups, formations and move guys all over the field – not allowing them to build on playing time together in a formation that they can get comfortable with.  Now part of that was not having Altidore healthy again (I think Klinsmann is learning he can’t count on Altidore and he needs to find/develop someone else for WC Russia 2018.  I love the young forward Morris but he was hurt, I would have like to have seen some younger forwards – Bobby Wood maybe or Julian Green.  I am ok with the experimenting up front but for the friendlies in September and the HUGE Showdown winner goes to the Confederation Cup game on Oct 9 – he must play his best 4 defenders NOW!!

Those of you who watched the Mexico vs Panama game after the US debacle (see video)- How about we kick the Panamanians out of CONCACAF for acting like Savages on the Field – attacking the REF  – there should have been arrests last night.  THIS IS NOT EUROPE OR SOUTH AMERICA – WE Do not attack our refs like Savages.  Did Mexico get 2 questionable calls in this tourney -YES.  But that first hand ball call WAS A HANDBALL.  Sorry Panama –  you outplayed a very poor Mexican team on the night with 10 men and should have won the game.  But your captain fell on the ball with his hand in the 88th minute.  Later your same captain and another defender smashed a Mexican forward in the box to earn the 2nd PK.  The bottom line is soccer is not always fair.  But the US Ref who has called World Cup games did not call that bad a game – Panama was simply unlucky.  It was not the reffing that should questioned – it’s the Panamanian team and delegation for acting like absolute savages during and after the game.  I know they felt cheated but the truth is they should be kicked out of the 3rd place game for lack of respect.  Oh and the security not being prepared for the overwhelming Mexican crowd was also a mistake. Listen I have been at multiple US vs Mexico games and the Mexico crowds can be amongst the dirtiest and most disrespectful I have ever seen.  Security simply should have been much, much more involved both on the field, around the field and in the stands.  Honestly they should treat them like European games and put cops down the rows in between the sections – it was the only way US fans were safe at 2 of the Gold Cup US vs Mexico games I attended.  Anyway it will be interesting to see how the US approaches the 3rd place game on Saturday – 4 pm on Fox Sports 1 or 2?  Then on Sunday 7:30 pm on Fox Sports 1 to see who wins the Mexico vs Jamaica final (the winner plays the US on Oct 9 in a winner goes to the Confed Cup game probably at the Rose Bowl) – a Mexico win would set up a high pressure high intensity game that would make for great soccer theatre but we will see.

Back to local soccer – the Indy 11 are back on the pitch Saturday night at the Mike for Christmas in July vs the NY Cosmos and Spanish soccer legend Raul, tickets just $10, the first 5,000 fans get Santa Zeke Bobbleheads and of course all kinds of cool promotions going on.  Meanwhile good luck to the FC Pride U14 Girls and coach Matt Blackbourne as they have advanced to the Semi-Finals at the National Championships this weekend. Plus its not too late to sign up for the Post to Post Soccer Camp that starts on Monday or the CHS soccer camp.

Post2Post Soccer Camp – STILL TIME TO SIGN UP – STARTS MONDAY – Do it today!!
Former Pittsburgh Head Coach Sue-Moy Chin and Coach Carla Baker run their annual field player camp for players of all abilities July 27-30 — 9 am to 3 pm $190 each @ Badger

Carmel High Boys – Youth Soccer Camp –  2nd to 6th Graders only

Run by CHS Boys team players – Fri, Aug 7 (9:30 am till 12 noon) – CHS Practice Turf Fields behind CHS football stadium. 2nd to 6th Graders only – Cost $35 to CHS –- First 100 players to sign up. CHS_Camp_1508 Email Lorie Kramer if you have 4 or more players from 1 team coming kramer1965@sbcglobal.net.

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Fri, July 24

6 am                      Real Madrid vs Man City                                     Fox sports 1 ICC

8 pm                      Fiorentina vs Benfica                                          Fox Sports 2 ICC

Sat, July 25

8 am                       Milan vs Inter                                                        Fox Sports 1  ICC

4 pm                      Barcelona vs Man U                                          Fox TV  

4 pm                      GoldCup 3rd   USA vs Panama                         Fox Sports 2

6 pm                      Chelsea vs PSG                                                   Fox Sports 2

7:30 pm                Indy 11 vs NY Cosmos (H)                                 TV 8

Sun, July 26

2:30 pm                NY City FC vs Orlando                                Fox Sports 1   (See Pirlo, Lampard, Villa, Diskarud vs Orlando’s Kaka and Brek Shea)

5 pm                      DC United vs Philly                                              ESPN 2

7 pm                      NWSL Seattle vs Portland                                  You Tube

7:30 pm                Gold Cup Final -Mexico vs Jamaica           Fox Sports 1

7:30 pm                NY Red Bulls vs Benfica  ICC                            Fox Sports 2

Mon, July 27

8 am                      Inter vs Real Madrid                                            Fox Sports 1  ?? Not sure time?

Tues, July 28

8 pm                      Barcelona vs Chelsea                                      Fox Sports 2 ICC

10 pm                    America vs Benfinca                                       Fox Sports 2 ICC

Wed, July 29

9 pm                      MLS Allstars vs Tottenham                              Fox Sports 1

9 pm                      Man U vs PSG                                                    In Chicago  Fox TV ?

Thurs, July 30

8 am                      Real Madrid vs Milan                                      Fox Sports 1 ICC

Sat, Aug 1

2:30 pm                Wolfsburg vs Bayern                                      Fox Soccer Plus  German Supercup

4pm                       NWSL Boston vs Seattle                                     You Tube

6 pm                      Indy 11 vs Atlanta                                            ESPN 3

8 pm                      NWSL Chicago vs KC                                        You Tube

Sun, Aug 2

10 am                    Chelsea vs Arsenal                                          Fox Sports 1       EPL Community Shield

5 pm                      SJ Earthquakes vs Portland                               ESPN 2

7 pm                      Chicago vs Dallas                                              Fox Sports 1 (CHS grad Matt Hedges)

Sat, Aug 8            EPL + Ligue 1 Return

Sat, Aug 15          German Bundesliga Returns


Fri, Sept 4              USMNT vs Peru                                                   Fox Sports 1 (RFK)

Tue, Sept 8           USMNT vs Brazil                                                 ESPN (Foxsborough)

Thur, Sept 17        USWNT vs Australia                                           Fox Sports 1  (Detroit)

Sun, Sept 20         USWNT vs Australia                                           ESPN 2 (Birmingham)

Post2Post Soccer Camp – STILL TIME TO SIGN UP.  Do it today!!
Former Pittsburgh Head Coach Sue-Moy Chin and Coach Carla Baker run their annual field player camp for players of all abilities July 27-30 — 9 am to 3 pm $190 each @ Badger

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