9/5 US must Not Lose Tonite 5:30 beIN Sports vs Honduras

Wow what a huge game for the USA tonight at Honduras at 5:30 pm on beIN Sport.  First things first – I can’t believe almost half of the fans at the game were Costa Rican’s at a game in New Jersey.  Seriously?  New York, New Jersey, hell the entire NE has proven they CAN NOT EVER HOST A US game that matters again.  Trust me Columbus would have been 99% US Fans just as it has for every US vs Mexico game.  Sad.

As for the game  – the US definately struggled defensively.  But we did have 75% possession and had plenty of great chances – honestly this should have been a 2-1 US win as Keylor Navas – GK for Costa Rica – proved his worth with 2 HUGE, WORLD CLASS Saves.  Give him and Costa Rica credit – they are a top 20 team in the world with Navas between the pipes.

What this means for the UIS


Can US Handle the Heat of Must Win/Tie at Honduras

US in Must Not Lose Scenario – @ Honduras – ESPNFC

US faces line-up Decisions – ESPNFC Jeff Carlisle

US Under Pressure after 2-0 Loss

Tim Howard to Blame on the 1st Goal

US Mistakes are Fixable – Noah Davis ESPNFC

US Frustrated by Resiliant Costa Rico – 2-0

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