10/6/20 – International weekend – Euro’s, Indy 11 miss playoffs with 2-1 loss


Wed, Oct 6

2:45 pm ESPN2                   Netherlands vs Mexico

2:45 pm ESPN+                   Portugal vs Spain – friendly

Thur, Oct 7                           

2:45 pm ESPN2                   Norway vs Serbia Euro Qualifying

2:45 pm ESPN3                    Scotland vs Israel  Euro Qualifying

Sat,  Oct 10                          Europes Nations League

2:45 pm ESPN+                   Spain vs Switzerland

2:45 pm ESPN+                   Ukraine vs Germany

Sun,  Oct 11  

9 am  ESPN+                        Ireland vs Wales  

12 noon  ESPN+                  England vs Belgium

12 noon  ESPN+                   Croatia vs Sweden

2:45 pm ESPN                     France vs Portugal

2: 45 pm ESPN +                  Poland vs Italy

2: 45 pm ESPN +                  Iceland vs Denmark

Tues, Oct 13 

2:45 pm ESPN2                   Germany vs Switzerland

2:45 pm ESPN+                    Ukriane vs Spain

Weds, Oct 14 

2:45 pm ESPN2                   Italy vs Netherlands

2:45 pm ESPN+                    England vs Denmark

2:45 pm ESPN+                    Croatia vs France

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