8/28/15 -US Soccer 2 Big Changes for Youth Soccer, EPL Week 3 Man City Rolling, MLS Rivalry Week Seattle/Portland, NY/DC, CHS Girls Tourney, Full TV Schedule

So US Soccer has announced 2 big movements this week – Small Sided Game Adoption and a yearly calendar as opposed to school calendar for ages on travel teams.  First the move to small sided games across the age groups – this is something that I think most of Indiana has moved to at least at the travel level and one thing that I feel is hugely important. The fewer players on the field the more decisions a young player has to make – the more a player cannot hide. With 3 v 3 and 4 v 4 at the U8 levels each player has to be engaged and make lots of moves and decisions per game.  In the US we still need to worry more about player development and less about winning or losing games. Listen those of us who have coached Rec soccer have seen coaches stack the best players on one team loading the middle with the biggest and strongest kids playing them the entire game to win games and that elusive Rec Championship trophy (listen that has been the standard now for 20 years).  I ask you how many great US players has that produced?  Maybe 5, 10 (other than Goalies) that have truly played at the highest level in the world’s top leagues? Meanwhile the Dutch – 1/20th our size continue to produce some of the top players in the world.  Its about player skill development and the freedom to create, make decisions and try things out.  Well meaning commissioners and coaches think – hey lets just make our U6 league 6 v 6 so all the kids can play more. Well they can’t create and move when there are too many kids crowding the field.(Would you play 8 on 8 in basketball?)  If you have 4 on the field there should be 2 subs waiting (I prefer free flow subbing on throw-ins at all ages so you can take the tired kids out). Either way most of the time the more kids you add –  the less the players develop in games.  Another is the practice to game time ratio – many teams will play 2 weekend games but only practice once.  It should be 2 or 3 practices for every league game.  With tourneys and leagues – we all play too many games per practice time in the US. On the age moving from school calendar to yearly calendar – I only know that the rest of the entire world does it this way and that’s why the change is taking place. I do think this will obviously give clubs some growing pains in the US as kids who have been age/grade specific will be ripped away from their teams and kids they know to play with other teams that match this new guideline.  It won’t be an easy transition – but I do understand if the rest of the world does it that way, perhaps long term at least we have to adapt.  While we are on the youth Soccer Side – I refereed a bunch of youth games (U7,8) games this weekend and noticed the age old issue we have with parents on the side line trying to help their young kids play.  Here’s another point from former US National Team player and World Cup Winner and soccer mom  Please Let the Coaches Coach.   

Ok so moving on to professional soccer now the EPL plays on NBC this Saturday 12:30 with US Keeper Timmy Howard backstopping the Toffies in their heated matchup with Tottenham, meanwhile in Germany Bayern Munich takes on Bayern Leverkusen at 12:30 Sat on Fox Sports 2.  Its Rivalry Weekend in MLS – as Portland travels to Seattle on ESPN Sunday at 5 pm, and the top 2 teams in the Eastern Conference the New York Red Bulls face off with DC United at 7 pm on Fox Sports 1.  Finally Thurs-Tues of next week the international break is upon us (Read no EPL or Foreign league Games) for European Qualifying and plenty of friendlies including the US vs Peru Friday night.  (See the full schedule below).

The Girls CHS team will be hosting an invitational at Murray stadium hosting 3 of the top 10 teams in the state.  Carmel will play Fishers at 9 am and Cathedral at 7 pm at Murray Stadium.  JV with our own Coach Carla Baker will play Fishers 10:30 am and Cathedral at 5 pm on the Football practice Fields behind the Football Stadium.

Congrats to the U13 Girls Gold Winners of the Gold Division at Pikefest with coaches Tom and Carla Baker


Congrats to the U13 boys Gold Team Runners Up at Pikefest


Friday, Aug 28

2:30 p.m.,               VfL Wolfsburg vs. Schalke 04                       Fox Sports 1

Sat, Aug 29

7:45 am                   Newcastle vs Arsenal                            NBCSN

10 am                      Chelsea vs Crystal Palace                            USA

Liverpool vs West Ham                                NBCSN?

Stoke vs West Brom, Aston Villa vs Sunderland  NBC Sports Extra

12:30 pm                Tottenham vs Everton                         NBC

12:30 pm                Bayern Munich vs Bayern Leverkusen        Fox Sports 2

2:30 pm                   Barcelona vs Malaga                                    beIn Sports

7:30 pm                  Indy 11 @ Ft Lauderdale                             ESPN3

Sun, Aug 30

8:30 am                   Southhampton vs Norwich                          NBCSN

9:30 am                   Borussia Dortmund vs Hertha              Fox Soccer

11 am                      Swansea vs Man United                               NBCSN

12 noon                  Roma vs Juventus (Italy)                              beIn Sports

1 pm                UF vs FSU Womens College               SEC Network

3 pm                        Monaco vs PSG (FR)                                   beIN Sports

5 pm                       Seattle Sounders vs Portland                     ESPN

7 pm                       New York Red Bulls vs DC United     Fox Sports 1

9:30 pm                   Washington vs Portland Thorns NWSL     Fox Sports 1


Thur, Spet 3   Euro Qualifying

2:45 pm           Italy vs Malta                  Fox Sports 1

2:45 pm           Belgium vs Bosnia + Herz             Fox Sports 2

2:45 pm           Netherlands vs Iceland                ESPN3

Fri, Sept 4               Euro Qualifying

12 noon          Georgia vs Scotland             ESPN 3

2:45 pm           Germany vs Poland              Fox Sports 1

2:45 pm           Hungary vs Romania            Fox Sports 2

2:45 pm           Ireland vs Gibraltar                       ESPN 3

2:45 pm           Portugal vs France (friendly)               Fox Soccer Channel

7 pm               USA vs Peru                                          Fox Sports 1

10 pm              Mexico vs T+T                       ESPN 3, Univision

 Sat, Sept 5     Euro Qualifying

12 noon          England vs San Marino                Fox Sports 2

12 noon          Russia vs Sweden                         ESPN 3 +Desportes

2:45                 Switzerland vs Slovenia               Fox Sports 2

2:45                 Spain vs Slovakia                         ESPN 3

4 pm                Brazil vs Costa Rica (Friendly)    beIN sports

7:30 pm          Indy 11 vs Jacksonville (home)  Ch 8 + ESPN 3

Sun, Sept 6    Euro Qualifying

12 noon          Wales vs Isreal                      Fox Sports 2

12 noon          Latvia vs Czech Republic             Fox Soccer Channel

2:45 pm           Italy vs Bulgaria                     ESPN 3 + Desportes

2:45 pm           Bosnia vs Andorra                        Fox Sports 2

7 pm                Columbus Crew vs Dallas             Fox Sports 1

Mon, Sept 7   Euro Qualifying

12 noon          Armenia vs Denmark             Fox Sports 1

2:45 pm           Scotland vs Germany           Fox Sports 1

2:45 pm           Northern Ireland vs Hungary               Fox Sports 2

2:45 pm           Ireland vs Georgia                        Fox Soccer Channel

Tues, Sept 8 Euro Qualifying

1 am                Argentina vs Mexico (friendly)    ESPN 2

2:45 pm           England vs Switzerland                ESPN 3 + Deportes

2:45 pm           Macedonia vs Spain             Fox Sports 1

2:45 pm           Sweden vs Austria                         Fox Sports 2

8:30 pm          USA vs Brazil (friendly)               ESPN 


Fri, Sept 4              USMNT vs Peru                                       Fox Sports 1 (RFK)

Tue, Sept 8             USMNT vs Brazil                                     ESPN (Foxsborough)

Thur, Sept 17         USWNT vs Australia                                 Fox Sports 1  (Detroit)

Sun, Sept 20           USWNT vs Australia                                ESPN 2 (Birmingham)

Fri, Oct 9                USMNT vs Mexico –                              Fox Sports 1 – Confed Cup Playoff

MLS TV Shedule

Full EPL Schedule on NBC along with Capital One Cup + FA Cup

German Bundesliga Games on Fox Sports 1 + 2


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Liverpools Balotelli loaned back to AC Milan with good behavior Clauses

League Cup 9/21 3rd Round Draw has Arsenal vs Spurs and for US Fans- Fulham vs Stoke


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Indy 11 Watch Party for 8/29 at Ft Lauderdale Game Saturday, August 29 at Fort Lauderdale Strikers – 7:30 pm at Chatham Tap Fishers

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